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What our Friends Say...

G. H.

"Normally, I am skeptical about eating from health food stores because of past experiences.  The food at other health food stores was bland, boring, or just absolutely awful. But that all changed after I tried the Town Square Market’s food. After talking to one of the friendly staff members, she pointed out the Deli cases that had meals to go. I took home a couple of different prepared things from the freezer for dinner that night for my children. I was very, very impressed by how flavorful the food was! I also took comfort in knowing I was feeding my children the best possible meal because it was healthy organic food.

Now if I am ever in Carbondale and the kids are hungry, we stop at the Town Square Market. I know I can trust that whatever snacks I buy are actually nutritious. My daughter loves the tuna fish salad, and my son loves the chicken gumbo. Personally, I think that I could eat an entire pan of their curry chicken entree. It’s my favorite thing. I HAVE to stop every time I am in Carbondale for the curry chicken! I wish what I make at home tasted as good as theirs."

Morgan Harden

Love this place. I have enjoyed them both for catering and just for local lunch bite. the ingredients are fresh and local, the people are friendly, the prices are great. This definitely beats out any chain in the area for catering- both on taste and price. Check them out!

Emily Anderson

Best health store I've ever been to. Love their bone broth soup and veggie wraps.

Anita Brown

The Town Square Market catered our family's graduation party. The meal was delicious, and the service was outstanding. They worked with us to meet everyone's various dietary needs, so the whole family was happy! Thank you - we'll definitely be back.

Best soups in town-- healthiest too!!! Staff is SO friendly & sweet 

Lynn Waters

Locally owned mom and pop grocer with a cause. The only store I know of that does extensive research on all its products, and won't carry items that contain GMO's, or products from subsidiaries of destructive global conglomerates, or products from companies who block GMO labeling, etc. It's literally a grocery store where you don't really need to do intensive label reading because they make sure everything is pure, clean and ethical. If you ever wonder why the selection is small, its because this store represents what is left to buy after you remove all the corruption factors. We Americans need to get unhooked from our "choice addiction" and purchase what is truly sustainable. This fits the bill and makes it super easy to shop intelligently!

Maria Johnson

Bonnie Juul

At Town Square Market, they make sure their foods are free of toxins. They have the best options in the entire region. They have the best olive oil, chocolates made with coconut sugar or honey (instead of regular sugar - which we all now know causes all sorts of health issues), lots of items that are made with organics, homemade soups and breads (both in the freezer section if not made that day). It's like a good old-fashioned market, but in modern times with modern needs. AND they offer organic 'fast food' for work days. You can get free 15 minute parking at many parking meters - which is just enough time to go in, make your order for the healthiest sandwiches and soups imaginable, and go back to your car. Highly recommended on so many levels.

Crissy Morris

Fresh fast food made to order! Highly recommend this place

Always helpful staff. If you don't see what you want, ask. They may even order it for you.

Zach Sims

The Town Square Market is indeed one of a kind. Their commitment to safe, clean, non-GMO food is like no other grocery store I have ever been to. It's great to shop there with my kids, knowing that everything there is a safe, responsible, and delicious choice. Check out the deli for a great lunch experience.

Organic, nice & friendly atmosphere! I love small mom & pop shops! they also have a DELI W/ GOOD HEALTHY OPTIONS!!

Camille Griffin

A little bit of heaven in Carbondale!

Frances Ganzekaufer

Excellent whole foods store. No GMO's and they encourage you to cook from scratch. They even help you. I bought their enchilada sauce mix (spices only) and made the sauce (they supply recipe), got their chicken taco meat, non GMO corn tortillas and guess what my 14 year old is eating tonight? Hands on great one stop shopping place.

Have visited this store several times; would be "several hundred times" but we live almost two hours away from Carbondale. The knowledgeable and personable staff is quite an asset to the business. I have recently become addicted to Bubbies Sauerkraut... the best I've ever had! And TSM is where we get it.​

Stephanie Vaughn

Brenda King

A Google User

Liz Patula

“I love coming here. It’s so easy to get the best food at TSM because…well, it’s all the best food!"

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