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Welcome to TSM 2024

Welcome to TSM 2024, also known as The Town Square Market, your one-stop-shop for all things organic and non-GMO. We are a locally owned business located in the heart of Carbondale, Illinois. Our priority is to provide high-quality organic food products and catering services to our customers. Our all-handmade food menu uses naturally nutritious ingredients to provide you with the best possible taste and quality. We also have a Nutritional Supplement section with on-staff expertise to help you with all your dietary needs. Come and visit us today to experience the difference of organic food!

Product Vendors

Our Local Vendors are our partners. We rely on relationships with local farms, dairies and craftspeople to provide our customers with the best quality food that can be found anywhere in the world.

Farmer Focus

Farmer Focus Logo
Farmer Focus believes that happy, healthy birds are worth the extra effort. From nutrition to housing to enrichments, they ensure that each farm provides exceptional living conditions for its animals including outdoor access year-round, access to shade, shelter, fresh air, direct sunlight, drinking water, and clean, dry bedding. They never use antibiotics, ever. And every Farmer Focus product is Halal Certified through ISWA.

Settle Cattle Co.

Settle Cattle Logo
Settle Cattle is a local business. All beef is sustainably raised, which is better for the cows and the Earth. They graze their closed heard cattle on a 4000+ acre ranch in Southern Illinois. The low stress environment increases marbling resulting in better texture and flavor. Their beef is organic, grass-fed, and contains no antibiotics or hormones.

Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Company

Wild Alaska Salmon Logo
They are a 100% fisherman family-owned business based out of King Salmon, Alaska with local operations in Carbondale, IL. They sustainably catch, process, and sell all of their Alaskan Salmon products.

Kreta Reserve Olive Oil

Kreta Reserve Logo
Kreta Reserve Olive Oil - Kreta Reserve super premium extra virgin olive oil is made from the Koroneiki olive personally grown and picked by small family farmers on the island of Crete. From the trees, to the press, to the bottle, to you…they know who picks your olives, production is quality controlled every step of the way! TSM also carries Kreta Balsamic Vinegar, which is the best balsamic we have ever tasted. We feature both the oil and the balsamic in many of our deli dishes. Come try some! These items are imported locally by Sisters Trees Farm, which are out of the island of Crete. 

Seafood Specialties

Seafood Specialties Store Front
This locally family-owned business is just a few miles down the road in Anna, Illinois. We’ve gotten high-quality Cod and Pollock from them for over 15 years. 

McKaskle Family Farm

McKaskle Family Farm People
As fifth generation farmers, Kaye and Steve McKaskle decided to break the mold and pioneer organic farming in Missouri. Now, McKaskle Family Farm has some of the highest growing and manufacturing standards around. TSM carries their specialty “Braggadocio” popcorn, as well as Basmati and Long Grain rice and gluten-free rice flour. This farm is located just a couple hours southwest of Carbondale in Hayti, Missouri.

Dayempur Herbals

Dayempur Herbals Logo
Dayempur Herbals is a seed-to-shelf business that makes and sells natural herbal remedies. Our herbs are Certified Naturally Grown, and we purchase organic herbs and ingredients from local and known sources. We use traditional methods to handcraft tinctures/liquid extracts, infused oils, salves, syrups and sprays.

Ruth & John’s

Ruth And Jones Logo
Ruth & John’s products have been a feature of our Market since we opened in 2006. They supply beautiful, handcrafted soaps, lotions, skin-care products as well as wooden cutting and accessories at affordable prices. This talented local couple is a real Southern Illinois treasure. 
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