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Why Eat Organic

Organic food is grown without chemicals/ GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, radiation, or synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Even if it’s “processed,” it’s still better than conventional processed food.

​​Why Organic Food is Healthy

Three Levels of Organic:
  1. OG1 – 100% Organic = NO GMOs   “USDA Organic” 

  2. OG2 – 95% Organic “Certified Organic” 

  3. OG3 – 70% Organic – “Made with Organic Ingredients”

  • New Certification for "Certified Naturally Grown"

  • Don't trust labels of "Natural" or "Healthy" as they are unregulated

Cost of Organic Food:
  • Key: Take it slow.Be patient and persistent in slowly
    changing your food & household products.

  • Consider Long-term cost of eating chemicals and GMOs

  • Medical bills, Supplements, Cost of special “allergy” food, etc.

  • Buy Bulk Food – “Bulk Beans, Gains, Flour;  10% off cases @TSM

  • Buy “whole” foods – more nutrition, more value

  • Make a meal plan each week

  • Eat at home!

    • Get family involved

    • Share Cooking with a Friend (at home or work)

 Why Some Food is Not Healthy

Processed Food:

"Changing food from natural state" ex: white rice

  • Purpose: extending shelf life, make more sweet “white” flour for cakes

  • Examples: white breads, lunch meat, crackers, packaged desserts

Most Conventional Food:
  • Grown with chemicals: synthetic pesticides to keep bugs/weeds away

  • Learn more about glyphosates: dangers and alternatives and cancer-related lawsuits 

  • Chemicals sprayed on the plants stay on the food we eat

  • EPA: 60% of herbicides, 90% of fungicides, and 30 % of insecticides are carcinogenic

  • Antibiotics fed to animals come to us in the meat we eat

  • Also: hormones, radiation, synthetic fertilizers

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs):
  • Plants whose genes have been altered to exhibit a desired trait
    EX: Herbicide tolerant crops – crops can withstand herbicide application OR Pesticide producing plant – bugs eat it and die

  • Learn more about GMOs: dangers, labeling, and what TSM is doing

USDA-Organic Image
Image by FitNish Media
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