What's For Dinner?

Zucchini Pancakes!

It's time for Zucchini Pancakes!

This dinner special features local, organic zucchini fried into delicious pancakes, served with spiced, organic pinto beans!

Call Town Square Market at (618) 529-2312 to order by 2pm on Friday 7/17 and you can pick up your order at 106 E. Jackson St. between 4 & 5pm.

Dinner for Two only $14

You'll receive:

  • 8 zucchini pancakes

  • 16oz cooked pinto beans

  • 4oz each of sour cream and apple sauce

  • $10 Extra: Large Balsamic Salad for 2

    For a more complete meal, add one or more of these sides:

  • Extra side of sauteed vegetables (12oz) $5

  • Avocado - $3

  • Finish off your meal with our Home-Made Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt - only $4 per pint.

Call TSM by 2pm on Friday, 7/17/20
for pick-up at 106 E. Jackson St. between 3 & 5pm 
(618) 529-2312


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