What's For Dinner?


It's time for Falafel!

We've borrowed the Longbranch Cafe and Bakery's Falafel and Hummus recipe and can't wait for you to enjoy it again!  

Call Town Square Market at (618) 529-2312 or submit an online order by 2pm on Friday 10/2 and you can pick up your order at 106 E. Jackson St. between 4 & 5pm.

One Serving $8

You'll receive:

  • 3 Falafel balls

  • 1 pita pocket

  • 6oz of hummus

  • 3oz of cucumber, tomato, and parsley salad

  • 2oz of tahini sauce

  • Add Extra Hummus: $5 for 12oz 

  • Add Greek Salad: $6 per serving

Call or submit an online order by 2pm.

Pick-up at 106 E. Jackson St. between 4 & 5pm 
(618) 529-2312


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