Opened in October 2006, the Town Square Market is a locally owned and operated natural foods and grocery store in the historic district of Carbondale, Illinois. Understanding that food and nutrition, as well as good health, are essential birthrights, the Town Square Market makes every attempt to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices. Special care is given to the selection of everything we offer.

Our grocery store supplies all of the basics of a natural lifestyle. These include fresh produce, healthy deli items, revitalizing supplements, natural beauty products, and sustainable gifts. We even keep many recipe cards on hand to show you easy and delicious ways to cook and enjoy our food. We’re also happy to work with your individual needs and are able to fill most special orders within a week.

The Town Square Market is a natural food and grocery store… and a whole lot more!



Fresh, organic vegetables and fruits are always available for you. All of our produce is organic and is derived from local sources when in season. Nothing tastes fresher! When certain produce items are unavailable locally, we receive selected produce from near-by distributors to give you a wonderful variety. Of course, our shipped produce meets the same high standards as our other produce – organic, sustainably grown and minimally packaged.

Grocery Aisles

The Town Square Market stocks the best value in organic groceries. This includes canned goods, milled grains, packaged cereals and snacks, baking goods and convenience foods. We keep our standards high for all the foods we stock, avoiding foods with trans-fats, GMOs or excessive packaging. We also support special dietary needs of our customers, including those who are vegan and those with food sensitivities.

 Deli & Soups


Each one of our fresh food offerings in the deli is made with ingredients found right in our store, including sushi, salads, sandwiches, and wraps. In the colder months, we offer hot, delicious soups from 10am to 2pm Monday through Friday. See our schedule of fresh hot soups and deli items here.

Fresh Baked Bread & Treats


Come to the Town Square Market early each morning to purchase fresh baked bread, still warm from our ovens. Whether it’s a hearty white or a multi-grain seed loaf, our breads are baked using the best ingredients: organic flour and butter, free-range eggs and a variety of other all-natural ingredients such as grains and seeds.

We also offer fresh baked treats like muffins, cupcakes, cookies and our amazing fudgy brownies. So come on by and find some tasty morsels to take home.

Dairy Section


Our dairy section stocks a full range of organic milks, butters and cheeses. Kalona brand milk and cream is low pasteurized with your health in mind. Rarely will you find ultra-pasteurized milk products in our store because that process kills the good enzymes and bacteria naturally found in milk. Read more about this great milk and why low pasteurization is best here Or, just try it, and you’ll wonder where we’re keeping the cows!

Bulk Grains/Legumes Section

Our organic bulk food selection provides a complete array of beans, grains and flour, along with culinary and medicinal herbs.

Bulk Snacks Section

We pre-package many bulk snacks to help keep costs low and packaging minimal. We know how nutritious dried nuts, seeds and fruits can be for you and your kids. Also try our chocolate covered almonds and milk chocolate covered raisins for a healthy treat!

Tea Section


Our tea section carries some of the best teas in Carbondale! Our bulk, loose tea is the highest quality, and we offer many selections for even the most sophisticated tea enthusiast. From black teas to green teas to herbal teas, we’ve got you covered.


Supplements Section


When your health needs an extra boost, come visit our Supplements Section. We carry locally made herbal products from Dayempur Herbals, a full range of homeopathic remedies and other individually selected items to supply you with the vitamins and minerals you need. We’re also happy to work with you to research a special supplement and order it just for you.

Cards and Gifts

Our gift section includes many locally made items, including jewelry, soaps and organic skin care products and make-up. We also support children in Bangladesh through the For Kids’ Sake fundraising project by selling their jewelry, scarves and other gift products. If you wish to give the gift of “healthy shopping,” you can pick up one of our Town Square Market Gift Cards.

Housewares and Cleaning Supplies


Our housewares section keeps your house stocked with earth-friendly cookware, cleaning products and paper goods so your home can stay clean with minimal chemicals.

TSM also sells easy Do-It-Yourself Homemade cleaners to save you money! We have Homemade Dishwasher Cubes (make 50 cubes for only $3.99) and Homemade Laundry Soap (make 5 gallons for only $3.99.) Stop by and check out these great products and stop wasting money on store-bought cleaners. More to come, soon!